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    About Michael

    Michael has been your Public School Trustee since 2010, serving as Chair from 2015-2017. Michael lives in Ward F (Strathcona).

    Ward F, Michael Janz - What strengths and experience do I bring as Trustee?

    Beyond his work as Trustee, Michael is a father of a future EPSB student and has been proud to serve our community in several other capacities:

    • Manager with Boys and Girls Club Big Brothers Big Sisters Edmonton
    • Former Marketing Director for the Edmonton
    • Federation of Community Leagues
    • Masters in Education Policy Studies from the University of Alberta
    • Avenue Magazine 2012 “Top 40 Under 40"
    • Served as President of the University of Alberta?Students’ Union
    • Six year Trustee, Edmonton Public Library Board

    Ward F, Michael Janz - Why do I want to be re-elected Trustee?

    Michael will Continue to Champion:

    • New school construction, prioritizing a new high
    • school for the Southwest
    • Equity and fairness for all students including:?special needs learners; English language learners;?and gifted and talented learners
    • Support for vulnerable families through safe, caring,?welcoming schools for all students
    • Expanding programs of choice and increasing?opportunities for students and their families
    • Financial literacy and post-secondary transitions
    • Improving academic achievement, high school completion rates, and access to career pathways
    • Focusing education spending on the classroom in support of teachers and school staff

    Ward F, Michael Janz - How will I continue to advance my goals for the next three years?

    Support our campaign by hosting a lawn sign, making a donation or volunteering:

    Ward F, Michael Janz - What are the three most important challenges facing public education??

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